Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Farewell Blog!

Well after much absence from writing on here I have decided that I am going to end this blog. I am going to spend this year enjoying my wonderful Grandson Lincoln and putting efforts into some new things at the workplace.

So as much as I have enjoyed spouting off my feelings about a variety of subjects the last couple years I will not be spending as much time blogging.
Those of you that have followed me,please be well and have a wonderful life.

much love,

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What a week

What a freakin crazy week. The shooting at the school has continued to spurn a tremendous amount of debate about stricter gun laws and looser gun laws. And it appears its a pretty 50/50 split on what side of the fence people seem to land on.

I see today that the president has decided to take some serious action and try to come up with the help of a committee answers to some of the issues. They say... I guess we will see what comes out of all of this. I am hoping some real attention as to what has gotten us to this point in our country. We solve pretty much everything with guns or weapons. Our children our brought up playing shoot em up video games and watching fairly violent TV shows and movies. (No parents to not censor enough).

We have a lack of respect for human life that has run rampant the last few years. On top of that you have fear. Bottom line is  people are afraid. they don;t feel safe anymore. Crime is around every corner. Crime will more than likely affect each of us in varying degrees. Weather its something stolen to an actual assault. But it will more than likely touch the majority of us at least once if not a few times in our lives. Really? you might ask. But I think most of you are nodding your heads in agreement.

I don't have the answers but I do think we all need to try to find some. We can all start with how we treat each other everyday. All the people you encounter on a daily basis. Be mindful that EVERYONE has problems. The person that always looks so cheerful and doesn't seem to have a care in the world to the person that is always complaining about everything. Most likely they both have equal problems ,the first has just found a better way to deal with them. Be NICE to each other. Even if they are not all that nice to you. Try not to return it back. You will feel better if you don't.Maybe not right away ,but in the long run. Maybe by being nice to someone who is not will make them stop and think about their own actions.

I had a friend on FB post that she was going to do a random act of kindness for each victim of the shooting. Excellent idea.

Try to enjoy the holidays everyone. Feel thankful for those close to you.

Friday, December 14, 2012

It has been a long time since I posted on this Blog. I have been busy with the above new grandson! Who is now 5 months old. He has quickly become the light of many people's lives. I can feel my heart swell with love just by thinking about this lil punkin. He is an "observer" as I call him. He is ready with a smile but much of the time he can be seen observing those around him very intently.

He likes to flirt a bit and is intensely enamoured by his beautiful mommy. Where he can be seen watching her every move. I noticed that he is ticklish around his belly this week. I was careful not to take advantage of this discovery remembering how although the bottoms of my feet are VERY ticklish I DO NOT like to have them tickled.

I have also been very busy with work . We have been making some changes at the spa and we are going into this season with a bit of a new look and an energetic crew . Looking forward with anticipation to a hopefully busy winter season. So all in all with helping to watch my new grandson and work,and some time aside for friends,I have little time to write in this blog. All good reasons

On a somber note..

Today has been a tragic day for our nation . I would be remiss to not end my post today without sending out prayers to all the victims of the senseless violence at the School in Connecticut. This type of thing is becoming very commonplace and that is the most scary part of all. This underlines a very heated debate about gun control in our nation. One thing is for sure as long as there is easy access to auto fire and rapid fire weapons the death toll from these types of crazy acts will be large. Hold your children close and lets spend some serious time contemplating how we can help to heal society .

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Why bother rating movies,video games and such?

First of all before I even get into my rant of the month. Let me say this. What happened in Colorado at the Batman movie was Horrible. My heart goes out to all of the people affected by that madman. Secondly I do not like judging other peoples parenting styles unless I see obvious abuse. I know all kids have moments where they act inappropriate and I don't automatically assume that the parents have done something wrong.
So that being said I feel the need to ask once again,what was a 4 month old baby doing at that movie and for that matter a 6 year old??!!

First of all movies in theaters are LOUD. The sound alone is very damaging to a new born baby and in fact for most people in there. Ear plugs are a good idea for anyone in a show these days. Second of all ,this movie was rated PG13. That means Parents STRONGLY cautioned. Violence,language,sex or other inappropriate content for children under the age of 13. Doesn't that also mean that if you are thinking of bringing a child under that age to see said movie it would be a good idea to see it yourself first and than judge if this is something your child's young mind can process properly?
Plus this movie was a midnight showing. Aren't most children under 13 bedtimes before that? Not to mention that young children have a tendency to not behave as adults and therefore could be disruptive to other people 13 and older in that movie.

Someone did ask the parents of the 4 month old why they brought the baby to the movie. Their answer was they were new to the area and didn't know anyone that could watch the baby. Umm well then you take turns going to said movie if you absolutely HAVE to see it. It's called raising a child,you don't always get to do what you want anymore,your the parent. suck it up.

Maybe that is what is wrong with this world. People don't make sacrifices. They want what they want,period. A six year old can see violence on TV I am sure as well as in a movie theater would be the parents argument . But have that same child watch a love scene? I bet that would be an issue for the same parents. Violence is OK to become numb to seeing but people showing affection toward each other is taboo.

I don't get to decide what other people expose their children to. But this situation annoys me.
Do you look at ratings on movies before you take your child to see something? I'm curious on peoples feelings on this subject. Below is a link to the ratings and what they mean.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Lincoln is Here!!!

After 36 hours of labor and a scary emergency C section. My grandson has arrived!

As you can see of course he is perfect. all 4 lbs 9 oz of him.Tiny sweet little boy.He is strong and already showing an appetite. so we are very sure he will be growing nicely.
Getting him here was a pretty rough ordeal and my daughter is sore and exhausted. But also filled with so much joy. He turns to her at the sound of her voice and responds to her face. What a wonder it is to see your daughter become a mother!! And Fred become a proud father!
It is all pretty surreal still. We are blessed and joyful and well.... our cup runneth over. Surrounded by loving friends and family this has been such a touching time in all our lives.
Now to get the mommy strong and healed and home with their new bundle of joy!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Soon to be a "nonna"

Well here we are just a couple or so days away of my daughter giving birth to my Grandson. It has been a roller coaster of emotions the last few months. Watching and experiencing while my daughter and my son n law traveled down the road it took to get to here. It's had its share of heartache (miscarriage's) and joy as each month of this pregnancy advanced and she made it past the milestones.

I am excited to watch these two special people enter parenthood. They will be good at it,no they will be great at it. I am a firm believer that these two have a strong bond in the marriage that will naturally carry into raising this child. Will they make "mistakes"? sure they will. All of us parents do. Each child is different and takes a different approach. So yes,some times you learn as you go. They will too.

I am excited and nervous. When your child is diagnosed with a dangerous clotting disorder or any other type of health disorder that can become deadly or disabling you get this fear in your gut that you have to deal with and learn to live with.This is how it went for me when my daughter was diagnosed with her clotting disorder... First you have to accept that you can not fix it for them. A parents first instinct is to care for and try to fix what ails your child. For me,and any good parent, that instinct runs to the center of your very core. So when they have a disorder that can only be managed there is a strong sense of helplessness. I research when I am faced with a problem. When my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac,I read and read and learned. The same with the blood disorder. Well with that she read and read and taught me. So second,you learn to live with the stark fact that you can't fix everything and you can't control a hell of allot that life throws at you . Having known parents who have had children with severe life threatening illnesses you can see in their eyes the pain that it causes.

What you CAN do is learn ,educate and become responsible. Which my daughter is. She has a health issue she complies to the zillionth degree with what she is supposed to do to manage the problem. I am so thankful she is this type of person. I hope I had something to do with how she handles her health and her life. She has watched me be health conscious and take care of myself,and I know children learn from what they see . Good or bad,they learn.
So am I worried about this upcoming birth with all the concerns that go with it? you betcha I am ! What parent wouldn't be?? But I also am hopeful and excited and happy. She has a great doctor,she is a strong awesome person,and we can only do the best we can . And that we are doing. So I head into these next few days with excitement and determination that we will all make it to the end of this road  with tears of joy running down our cheeks.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Hot Time in the Summer!

This is what I am picturing our earth like these days,
It finally cooled down to the low 80's here. After record breaking over 100 degree days.

I usually look forward to summer around Michigan. My favorite time of year,followed by fall. This summer however has been a scorcher. And unless you have your own pool your probably inside in the air. We have a community pool and I'm not big on swimming with a crap load of strangers so I've been inside most of the last couple weeks. I would go out in spurts to try to get some sun,than back in after 10 minutes drenched. I want to open windows! Enjoy the warm breezes. 

The week ahead looks awesome! 80's all week with it getting up to 90 again next weekend. So all in all this looks to be one of the warmest summers in many years.

I can hardly believe that in less than two weeks we will welcome Lincoln into the world! He is making his entrance in a record breaking summer!